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fastforward Poker

fastforward poker

fastforward is the turbo-charged way to play cash games where the action is always on you. You don’t like your cards? fastforward to a new hand at the click of a button – more hands, more action, more fun!

You don’t even have to wait for the action to hit you; if you don’t want to play a hand, just hit the ‘Forward Fold’ button and you’ll instantly be dealt into a new hand. Players at your table won’t even know you have folded until it’s your turn to act.

fastforward is poker – just faster!

Here’s how it works

  • The instant you fold, you’ll be moved straight to another fastforward table with brand-new hole cards and different players.
  • There’s no waiting for play to come round to you. If you don’t like your hole cards, just fold and go.
  • Finding fastforward is easy – go to the ‘fastforward’ tab in the client lobby and take your seat.
  • You can even play fastforward heads-up. This is the fastest heads-up poker experience online.

How to play fastforward Poker

Open the Poker software and go to the ‘fastforward’ tab in the Main Lobby to choose your game and stake level. Click ‘Take Seat(s)’ to join the game.

Once you click ‘Take Seat(s)’ you will be see the buy-in dialog box for the selected game. The buy-in dialog will let you choose how many chips you would like to take to the table. From the buy-in dialog you can also select how many tables you would like to open.

Once you click ‘OK’ you will be seated at your fastforward tables. For your first hand you are quite likely to be dealt into the big blind position. Once you have finished playing in this hand, you will be instantly moved to the next table where a new group of players and a new set of hole cards will be waiting for you.

If you are facing a bet, you will be given the ‘Forward Fold’ button. This is the main feature of fastforward. Clicking it will allow you to fold out of turn, allowing you to move onto the next hand even faster.

If you want to fold a hand but you would like to stay at the table to see the outcome of the current hand, check the ‘Watch on Fold’ checkbox. Once you fold, you will remain at the table until the hand ends. Alternatively, you can click ‘Next Hand’ to move onto a new table.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding fastforward Poker, please let us know by contacting our Customer Service team.

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